Vibe Waterproof 4 Clasp Tackle Tray (2 pk)


Full size 3600 tackle tray with adjustable dividers and a weather-tight seal. Featuring a 4-clasp system with a heavy-duty gasket to keep your expensive tackle safe and sound while facing Mother Nature’s worst. Customizable dividers let you dial in the fit to hold the maximum amount of tackle per tray. Packaged with 2 trays, because we know one is not enough!


  • Weatherproof design keeps gear dry
  • Full size 3600 style tray fits into most bags and crates
  • Fits perfectly into Vibes side tackle holders
  • Designed to fit into Vibes Mesh Tackle holder
  • 2 pack to max-out go anywhere, carry anything
  • Dimensions – 7″ x 11″

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