Basic Skills Development Clinic

This is the clinic that builds upon your base kayaking skills.

The Basic Skills Development Clinic is for beginners who would like to expand the paddle strokes and knowledge gained in the foundations clinic. This course is for those who want to learn how to do the basic wet exit. Improve their paddling and Learn new paddle strokes. We can help you learn those skills and learn how to link strokes to better control a kayak.

This is a four hour clinic.

Don’t have a kayak? No problem the kayak rental is included with the clinic. If you want, bring
your own kayak!

Taught by a Paddle Canada certified instructor

Contact us to organize a private COVID sensitive class for your group. We will work around your schedule to find the perfect class for you.


Paddle Canada Focus

We will build on the basics we have learned in the ‘Foundations’ clinic.  Strengthening our strokes and learning how to better control our kayak as well preparing for emergencies on the water.

  • Review and Strengthen –  Forward and reverse paddling. – Forward and reverse sweep strokes.
  • Sculling draw stroke
  • Retrieving a swamped kayak
  • Stern Rudder
  • Wet Exit opportunity

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