Umiak 520


This genuine Canadian canoe is just as ready for weeks of unsupported excursions as for an afternoon on the water.

In addition to the fact it can be dismantled, the Rando can carry up to 350kg (people + equipment). Optional extra seats mean you can carry up to two children on board.

Like the Umiak 475, its 7-tube frame gives the boat rigidity. It is also highly resistant to abrasions and each rib on the hull is lined on the outside with a rubbing band.

This folding canoe makes it easier to catch shuttles: once you have finished going downriver and folded your canoe, you can take public transport back to the put in.


    Single and Two Seater

  • Length : 520 X 95 cm
  • Weight : 25 kg
  • Maximum load : 350 kg
  • Frame : Aluminium
  • Dimensions of bags : 110 x 60 x 25 cm + 118 x 50 cm

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