Kayak winter practice and social time

As winter sets in. We find ourselves thinking about where we will be paddling next summer. Be it a new location to spend the day bird watching or a long planned expedition to Georgian Bay or beyond. One thing that helps is ensuring your skills are fresh in spring and the best way to do this is with winter pool practice. Having time during the winter to practice your safety and paddle skills will keep you prepared for spring. Let’s face it during the summer we spend little time on skill practice because we have better things to do with our kayak time. Playing around in the pool is a great time to try new things with the calm safe water a Life guard watching over you and other paddlers beside you to encourage, guide, and cheer your development. We will be having our pool sessions this winter starting in December with a Paddle Canada instructor at practices and can be booked for one on one instructions to help with skill development. We hope to see you at the pool.