Vapor series


The Vapor Series offers a range of 10 and 12 foot sit -in kayaks that offer comfort and stability as well as some key safety for the recreational kayaker. It is also available with angling features depending on the Vapor you choose. The Vapor XT features a sealed stern compartment for floatation and storage as the Angler features rod holders and an anchor trolley kit among other things.

Select the kayak features you desire to get the specific specs and price.

Anglers looking for a compact kayak that can carry a load will love the Vapor Angler. This kayak offers a stable, yet efficient ride. The large cockpit opening is designed for a comfortable yet reassuring ride. Equipped with a comfortable seat, flush mounted rod holders, and an anchor trolley system, the Vapor Angler goes beyond the basics. Perfect for anglers and beginner paddlers, the Vapor is great for those just learning how to paddle.