Heron Series


Whether you’re out for a paddle around the lake or grabbing a rod and fishing around the dock, the Heron 9 is excellent all-around kayak. With a compact, sporty design the Heron is an affordable, easy-to-paddle kayak that can track well yet maneuver with ease. Perfect for beginning paddlers who are seeking a stable, light weight kayak that was designed for having fun on the water. This kayak even has a handy cup holder!

Wanting more? The XT package has a number of additional features, such as a sealed bulkhead in the stern of the kayak that is accessible via a quick seal hatch, added thigh padding, and a paddle keeper on the right hand side, for when you want to put the paddle down and keep it safe and at hand.

Like the Heron 9XT but want more room? The Heron 11XT is the big brother, all the same features but with additional weight capacity and length, but still great maneuverability.

Taking a little on out kayaking with you? The Heron Junior is great for kids. It’s hull is designed to easily track straight, while still being nimble and keeping the weight down. Little arms thought tend to tire early, so the Heron Junior is equipped with a tow system that stows away in the bow, to make it easy access to have a line to two your little paddler back to shore.

Heron Junior Weight 26 lbs|11.7 kg , Length 7′ 5″| 2.3 m, Weight Capacity 89 lbs | 40.3 kg

Heron 9 Weight 39 lbs | 17.6 kg , Length 9′ 6″ | 2.9 m, Weight Capacity 261 lbs | 118.3 kg

Heron 9XT  Weight 40 lbs | 18.1,  Length 9′ 6″ | 2.9 m,  Weight Capacity 260 lbs| 117.9 kg

Heron 11XT Weight 44 lbs| 19.5 kg , Length 11′ | 3.35 m, Weight Capacity 282 lbs | 127.9 kg